Saturday, July 30, 2011


As a result of a nudge from my friend Annie I decided to write a little update. It's been 7 months since I have blogged and it has been the slowest/quickest 7 months of my life. Filled with the normal ups and downs of life. Nothing of great significance sticks out that has happend just work and fun and some family time in between. The next few months are what I am most excited about....

  • August 12-16- Beach! My friend Jamie is getting married so were going down to Gulf Shores to celebrate!
  • August 18th- My Morning Jacket in Atlanta with some awesome friends!
  • September 11-12- Grace Potter in Nashville. Hopefully visiting some friends while I'm there!
  • Octover 7th- Ben Haper in Atlanta with more awesome friends and hoepfully some of my camp friends I'm trying to convince to go.
Do we see a theme here?

Music! It's all I can think about here recently. What other city can I go to see some live music?

Other questions I ask myself daily. In no particular order...
  • Is there any new job positions posted online?
  • Where can I move in May 2012?
  • Can I move sooner than May 2012?
  • Where can I go watch some good live music tonight?
  • Can I convince myself to go to the gym today?
  • Can I rationalize eating that piece of pizza without going to gym today?
  • Am I going to have more than 4 hours of sleep today? (OR) Did I really just sleep that long?
  • Did I really just drink that much coffee?
And other randomness that pops into my head.

Overall I'm happy. I have beautiful friends who remind me how awesome life is and my family is as supportive and encouraging as ever.

I will update more later. Have to go medicate some people.

Be well,