Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lots going on.

So, I know I haven't posted a lot (if anyone even reads this) but, a lot has been going on! We moved back to the Gump from Nashville, finished all paperwork/schoolwork, had a 3 day NCLEX review for boards, and started to prepare for our cruise..... and then the oil spill happened. Needless to say our cruise runs the risk of getting cancelled. As of now, things are still ago. I hope we get to go- I need some fun in the sun after 2 years of non-stop studying. If not, we will still have fun... I keep telling myself we can always reschedule. Plus, this oil spill is horrible...

I got back into the gym 2 weeks ago and completely changed my diet- I was fed up with feeling like crap. Let me tell you- I feel amazing. I work out about an hour at least every other day. At first I was doing it so that I wouldn't feel quite so bad about myself in Mexico, but as I continued I realized that I wanted this to be my lifestyle. I want to look AND feel good. I want to go to bed knowing I am a healthy person- on the inside and out. It's been wonderful... I don't really question whether it will stick. I am making the conscious choice daily to be the best I can be.

I got a new haircut. Wow. It's all kinds of short, and until about 15 minutes ago I was on the fence about it. Then I looked in the mirror again, and I fell in love. This is what it looks like.

I skyped with Marie and she loved it, so I feel like it's cute. 

I am about to leave to go to Roanoke to see my grandmother. So excited. 

Be well, 


  1. Jodi, the hair is sooooo cute. I think it is totally you. I love it!! Miss you!

  2. I think that your hair cut is adorable! I really like it!